Im Gespräch mit den Profis der Branche

With an excellent balance between practical insight, audio examples and interviews, Malgorzata Albinska-Frank enriched the Tonmeistertagung with her six-part talk-back format. In a well-filled Room 16 of the CCD, industry professionals such as Hans-Martin Buff, Werner Dabringhaus, Ulrike Schwarz-Anderson, Martin Macheiner together with and Georg Burdicek, Andrew Levine and Martin Rieger answered the questions of the moderator and the audience on a daily basis.

Malgorzata Albinska-Frank has been organizing and moderating the Talk-Backs at the Tonmeister conferences since many years.

Hans-Martin Buff talks about his career and philosophy regarding 3D mixes.

Werner Dabringhaus gives a very committed lecture on the world-famous organ of the main church of St. Michaelis in Hamburg.

Malgorzata at the Interview

In the talkback round with Ulrike Schwarz-Anderson, an immersive recording at a solo recital by pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba live from Havana and the recording of an orchestra under corona conditions for the film "Judas and the Black Messiah" are juxtaposed and the sound concepts explained.

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