VDT Sponsor Membership

Become a part of the VDT community!

Many renowned companies are supporting the Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e.V. as sustaining members, forming an important pillar of the VDT community.

A sustaining membership has many advantages:

  • Your company may be invited to host a regional meeting on your premises or partner with VDT activities in other ways. By hosting or otherwise contributing to meetings and activities, you get the chance to network with VDT members, be it in person or during hybrid or purely virtual events.

  • You will have the opportunity to publish your own seminars or special events in our VDT newsletter.

  • You can participate in equipment sponsorship in and around our major international events (the Tonmeistertagung and the International Conference on Spatial Audio) or our seminars. To illustrate, numerous manufacturers of high-end PA and studio loudspeakers have contributed their products to 3D listening rooms and enjoyed excellent exposure among their primary target group.
  • You will enjoy rebates and favourable terms when booking an exhibition space at the Tonmeistertagung.
  • Where conditions permit, we will offer our sustaining members to be present at our smaller events with an info booth. During virtual or hybrid events, the limited sponsorship deals are reserved exclusively for our sustaining members.
  • You will receive our VDT magazine five (issued five times per year, in German), and can stay up-to-date about our activities with our weekly newsletter.

  • You will get favourable terms for advertising in or adding your own brochures to our magazine.

  • Just like our individual members, a representative of your company will enjoy reduced admission fees to our events or those of our cooperating partner organisations.

  • You will be listed prominently among our other sustaining members with Logo and link to your website.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to help, and to forward you our membership application form.

The personal Membership

Manchmal passt die Fördermitgliedschaft einfach nicht. Wenn Sie trotzdem den engen Kontakt zu der VDT-Community suchen, dann informieren Sie sich doch über eine persönliche Mitgliedschaft im VDT.

Auch sie bietet viele Vorteile und ebnet den Weg in die gesamte deutschsprachige Pro-Audio-Gemeinschaft.
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