The VDT Regional Groups

Our eight regional groups share the federation's work locally and cover Germany and Switzerland. The regional groups are divided by postcode areas and named after the largest cities within these areas.

Map regional groups

Current Elections of the heads of the Regional Groups

The current elections of regional group leaders took place from May 6 to June 3. Many thanks to all those who voted and, of course, to our candidates!

Special thanks go to the long-serving chairs who have left the leading teams with this election: Volker Knippenberg, Emanuel Hoisl from the Cologne RG, Gerhard Wölfle from the Munich RG, Malte Hildebrandt from the Hamburg RG, Dieter Fenchel and Joachim Haas from the Stuttgart RG and Michael Hösel from the Leipzig RG. You have organized great events for us over the years and were our local contacts. In some cases, you have also shared responsibility for financial issues and directional decisions in the VDT body “Extended Board”. Thank you very much for that!

Management and contact persons

Regional Group Chair 1 Chair 2 Chair 3

You can reach your Regional Group by clicking on the person's name within the table. By klicking on the department’s name printed in bold you reach the department’s website.

  1. Max Kersten is kindly supported by , who does not yet have the right to stand for election and was therefore unable to run officially.