"Bildungswerk des Verband Deutscher Tonmeister GmbH"

About us

The Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Tonmeister GmbH (BiW-vdt) is a legally independent “subsidiary” of the VDT e. V. Association and is responsible for the economic realisation of the association’s projects. In the main these activities are the organisation and management of exhibitions and events, but could also include the corresponding production of printed matter for the respective events. It runs its own PR dept. to maintain the best possible contact to active media organizations and Journalists and is responsible for news coverage and press relations. In addition, the "Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Tonmeister GmbH" (BiW-vdt) is the central point of contact in the pro audio sector and views itself as a service provider for an any professional audio. The events and exhibitions organized on behalf of the association, correspond to the strategic and economic needs of the pro-audio scene.


  • The "Tonmeistertagung" - every two years. (tonmeistertagung.com)
  • The ICSA (international Conference on Spatial Audio (every two years).
  • The VDT Seminares (local events).
  • „Meet the Professional“ Events (the view behind the scene).

From 1949 up until the end of 2018 we have organized and successfully managed 30 exhibitions / conferences named "Tonmeistertage". This makes the VDT e.V. Association the largest and oldest leader organisation with more than 2.100 members, supporting the professional audio scene.

"Bildungswerk des Verbandes Deutscher Tonmeister GmbH"

Harald Prieß – Managing Director


Umweger Straße 11
76534 Baden-Baden
Telefon: +49 (0) 7223 9948348