Looking for helping hands: Free ticket to the Tonmeistertagung in exchange for part-time work as a steward

Who would have thought that we, of all people, would be able to make our Tonmeistertagung the first - and this year somehow the only - industry event! We are still rubbing our eyes in disbelief, also about how much support came from all sides and planned this elaborate event together with us and will bring it to the start.

A lot of work on site

However, this time there is a lot more work associated with the Tonmeistertagung. Also on site: A team of stewards checks the 3G status in front of the building. Another team checks the admission tickets. Yet another team ensures that hygiene rules are observed, and the fourth team makes sure that there is a 1.5 m clearance rule at the entrance to the lecture halls. The personnel effort is several times higher than usual.

A lot of helping hands have already come forward to support us with these tasks. The deal is clear: anyone who helps out for a shift gets a day free entry ticket. We are planning a three-shift operation, so that people can work one third of the day and in return participate in the exhibition and the congress two thirds of the time. The more people who help us, the more free time the individual will have.

So we are still looking for:

People interested in working who are willing to help in exchange for a congress ticket and who want to get to know many others from the industry in the process. Ideally, our helpers should come from the surrounding area, as we cannot provide accommodation. If you are interested in helping to organize the Tonmeistertagung, at the office. We look forward to seeing you!

By the way:

We work with the "3G access rule". Whoever wants to come to the Tonmeistertagung should be tested, vaccinated or recovered and be able to prove this with a QR code. This code will only be checked at the entrance, by team 1, and all persons with correct proof will then be allowed into the building. Of course, the 3G status, which we check daily, also applies to the steward team.

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