tmt31 videos

Some events of the tmt31 in Düsseldorf were recorded on video. It is a lot of (volunteer) work to cut, assemble and finally make these videos available online. We will therefore dare to tackle this task step by step.

Already online is also our aftermovie about tmt31, produced by a team of students from the HTWK Leipzig. Many thanks to Tino Reiher (concept, direction), Philipp Frank (camera), Anton Hoyer and Felix Wege (sound), Niklas Stackfleth (editing) and Christian Birkner (direction)!

All videos will be accessible from the program schedule. Use the filter function at the bottom right to find the session you are looking for. If a video is available, there is a play button at the end of the respective abstract.

The following videos are already linked:

3D-3 | Immersive Audio: 3D-Dinosaurier - Eine Diskussionsrunde über die Geschichte und Zukunft von 3D-Audio

3D-4-1 | Immersive Audio: Junge Generation TonmeisterInnen 3D-Audio

3D-7 | Immersive Audio: Alle reden über 3D-Soundformate - Was ist in den letzten 24 Monaten passiert?

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